DNA test for micronutrient needs
Genetic study of the predisposition to increased mineral, vitamin and antioxidant needs.

The importance of micronutrients

Vitamins have very diverse biological roles and are key to healthy development and wellbeing. Despite being possible to obtain them through a variety of foods, vitamin deficiencies are not uncommon. Vitamin D, for instance, which can also be obtained through sunlight exposure, has been consistently shown to be present in low levels in a large percentage of people, across all the globe. Vitamin deficiencies have a marked negative impact on body functions. In the case of vitamin D, apart from its role on bone health, and muscle and nerve functions, there is growing evidence of its impact in the prevention of respiratory tract infections.

Another important micronutrient for the immune function is iron, and its deficiency is one of the most common micronutrient deficiencies worldwide.

Micronutrient levels depend on our diets but also on our genetic makeup, and therefore, some people are more susceptible to micronutrient deficiencies than others.

The use of information on genetic predisposition to establish a nutritional plan should be integrated with information on:

  • physical characteristics (e.g. age, gender)
  • behavioural information (e.g. eating habits, physical activity)

MyWellnessGenes® is a 99% accurate and actionable genetic test from HeartGenetics that informs about how our unique genetic makeup impacts the needs and sensitivities related to minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, of relevance in defining nutritional choices for maintaining a healthy metabolism.
MyWellnessGenes® is making genetic data more actionable and simpler to use, with an impact on daily lives.

The MyWellnessGenes® report:

  • Delivers actionable and personalised recommendations with great impact on daily dietary choices, in order to minimize deficiencies in micronutrients and the negative effects of sodium in individuals who are genetically predisposed to them.
  • Simplifies genetic information to be used by healthcare professionals without being genetic experts.

Detailed Information

MyWellnessGenes® is a state-of-the-art and up-to-date genetic test that analyses 43 genetic variants of 38 genes, with a significant impact on the following four parameters, relevant to the planning of personalised nutritional plans:

Iron needs

Selenium needs

Magnesium needs

Calcium needs

Zinc needs

Sodium sensitivity

Vitamin needs

Antioxidant needs


The MyWellnessGenes® test was developed to be a support tool for health professionals in the field of nutrition. As such, its realisation implies an interpretation and explanation by a health professional, who will develop a strategy based on that information. Contact us to know our network of partners.

Turnaround time

10 working days