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Nutrition, fitness and vitamin intake are key elements to your wellness. Through MyNutriGenes®, MyWellnessGenes®, MyVitDGenes® and MyFitnessGenes®, HeartGenetics provides personalised insights targeted at improving your health and well-being.

Are you eating right? Ask MyNutriGenes®.

Your targeted nutritional plan recommendations

There are so many diets available, it gets difficult to choose which one to follow. This quest is also easily related to the ÔÇśtrial and errorÔÇÖ weight loss experience along a lifetime, always having trouble in maintaining the reached weight.

MyNutriGenes® is an actionable genetic test from HeartGenetics that informs about how our unique genetic makeup impacts the definition of a personalised diet and a healthy weight management. MyNutriGenes® is making genetic data more actionable and simple to use, with an impact on daily lives.

Plan for a healthy metabolism with MyWellnessGenes®.

Your guide for micronutrient needs

Vitamins have very diverse biological roles and are key to healthy development and wellbeing. Despite being possible to obtain them through a variety of foods, vitamin deficiencies are not uncommon and they can hold a significant negative impact on body functions.

MyWellnessGenes® is a 99% accurate and actionable genetic test from HeartGenetics that informs about how our unique genetic makeup impacts the needs and sensitivities related to minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, of relevance in defining nutritional choices for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Identify your vitamin D needs with MyVitDGenes®.

Your specialised vitamin D intake insights

Low levels of vitamin D are considered a risk factor for several different chronic pathologies such as arterial hypertension. Somewhat surprisingly, even though it is possible to obtain vitamin D from sunlight exposure and also through the diet, in a variety of foods, this vitamin has been consistently shown to be present in low levels in a large percentage of people across the globe.

MyVitDGenes® is an actionable genetic test from HeartGenetics that can identify individuals who are genetically predisposed to increased risk of vitamin D deficiency and/or may have impaired vitamin D receptor function.

Improve your sports practice programme with MyFitnessGenes®.

Your specialised guide for nutrition and sports performance

Nowadays, everyone is interested in practicing fitness activities or in attending sports competitions, whether for physical appearance, health, or motivational reasons. However, lack of progress, injuries or unattained fitness goals are still recurrent issues that eventually lead to dropping out.

MyFitnessGenes┬« is a 99% accurate and actionable genetic test that informs about how each individualÔÇÖs unique genetic profile impacts the definition of a more personalised training and nutrition programme in order to achieve an optimised athletic performance.