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DNA testing as the turning point of personalised health

DNA testing plays an essential role in planning strategies for personalised healthcare and wellness. In the last decade, HeartGenetics specialised in the development of tailored DNA testing solutions in three main segments: wellness, cardiovascular diseases and pharmacogenomics.

“Computational biology companies with clinical expertise are crucial for realizing the full potential of personalized medicine. We are proud that HeartGenetics, one of the key entrepreneurs in digital health care, has chosen to partner with Agena.”

David Coorey
Vice President and General Manager, EMEA at Agena Bioscience

Preventive Genetics

DNA testing solutions to improve health and well-being through nutrition, vitamin D intake, fitness and wellness: MyNutriGenes®, MyWellnessGenes®, MyVitDGenes®, and MyFitnessGenes®.

Cardiovascular Genetics

Keeping a healthy heart really matters. Our genes can indicate what risks we face for the development of numerous cardiovascular pathologies.


Genetic studies for targeted therapy.