Data Privacy Policy

If you are currently a contact in our database as you have downloaded reports, whitepapers, enquired about our services or products, registered for an event, or have otherwise had any commercial contact with us,

HeartGenetics, Genetics & Biotechnology, S.A. (HeartGenetics) values the protection and confidentiality of your personal data. This Data Privacy Policy is intended to set out your rights and answer any queries you may have about your personal data.

HeartGenetics will only collect data that is voluntarily disclosed and submitted by you and that you authorise to collect, store, process and/or manage according to this policy. You may refuse to grant any authorisation for data collection, storage, processing and/or management and you may withdraw any previous granted consent at any time. We provide users the opportunity to unsubscribe from our mailing lists through an ‘’unsubscribe’’ button which is available at the bottom of emails.

HeartGenetics will use your personal data only for the purpose for which you have given permission. HeartGenetics will not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any personal information collected online or offline.

HeartGenetics will not share your personal information with others, and all information is to be kept confidential unless explicit consent to share is given by the user. HeartGenetics uses secure data networks with multi-layered protection, that are protected by encrypted passwords. Data is kept encrypted with leading encryption technologies.

HeartGenetics’s security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary. Only authorised individuals have access to the information provided by our contacts. Our databases are located in the European Union.

How to withdraw consent to be emailed or unsubscribe from receiving emails:

If you wish to stop receiving emails from HeartGenetics, please email us at: or write to us at:

Biocant Park, Núcleo 4, Lote 4A
3060-197 Cantanhede

Requests are replied to as soon as possible, taking up to a maximum of 1 month.

Access to information and data rectification

You have the right to ask for a copy of the information HeartGenetics has about you.
Furthermore, you have, at any time, the right to access, modify, correct and remove your data collected in our database. You can request this by contacting us by email: or write to us at:

Biocant Park, Núcleo 4, Lote 4A
3060-197 Cantanhede

Requests are replied to as soon as possible, taking up to a maximum of 1 month.

What personal data does HeartGenetics, Genetics & Biotechnology, S.A. process?

HeartGenetics only collects the personal data needed to carry out a service requested by you (or by a third party).

When and why does HeartGenetics, Genetics & Biotechnology, S.A. process personal data?

HeartGenetics only processes these data in certain situations:

  • If you have explicitly given your permission to do so;
  • Or, if it is necessary to process the data in order to provide a service you have requested;
  • Or, if we are legally obliged to process the data;
  • Or, if it is necessary in the public interest or for a legitimate purpose.
    How does HeartGenetics, Genetics & Biotechnology, S.A. treat personal data?

    Data about persons who are minors and sensitive personal data (e.g. health information or bank account numbers) are always treated as confidential and never made public. Your data is only used for the service you have requested (unless the conditions described in the paragraph above are met) and we never pass on contact details to third parties for commercial purposes.

    Does HeartGenetics, Genetics & Biotechnology, S.A. keep my personal data safe?

    Your data is processed in a way that is safe. We therefore use various security technologies and measures to protect your data from unauthorised access, use, loss or publication. These technologies and measures are tested on a regular basis and updated if necessary. We use leading encryption technologies that protect your data during communication and storage, and we keep your data safe from loss.

    For how long does HeartGenetics, Genetics & Biotechnology, S.A. keep my personal data?

    Your data is maintained by HeartGenetics until the purpose of collection is achieved, being removed or completely anonymized in a period of 10 years after it has served its purpose, unless another storage period derives from the applicable law.

    What can I do about my own personal data?

    If you want to update any of your contact details, you can do so by emailing

    You have the right to be ‘forgotten’. To request this, please contact

    Requests are replied to as soon as possible, taking up to a maximum of 1 month.

    If you consider that your data has been handled incorrectly, you can submit a complaint to the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD).

    Contact us

    If you have questions about our privacy practices, you may contact us at