Why us

We guide you towards a healthier lifestyle by understanding your genes.

HeartGenetics is dedicated to keeping people healthy through the use of genetic information.

We help our clients define diet and exercise plans that improve health.

Based on more than 15 years of research in cardiovascular and bioinformatics, HeartGenetics’ R&D team developed new wellness genetic tests and reports that are instrumental in the definition of highly personalised lifestyle plans.

Founded in 2013, the company main goal is to play a key role in applied genetic knowledge and genetic testing, going into the wellness space.

5 Reasons to choose HeartGenetics

1. Experts in Genetic Medicine

We have a multidisciplinary team of PhD and specialists in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology focused on a more preventive, participative and predictive heart medicine. We are 100% committed to the quality of our services.

2. Innovative

At HeartGenetics, we use an award-winning innovative and highly accurate methodology to provide genetic tests tailored to each person. All our genetic tests have 99% accuracy.

3. Personalised

Our genetic tests support the clinical evaluation concerning the causes, severity and progression of the disease, allowing personalised lifestyle changes and therapeutics.

4. Quality

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We use a full-automatized management system that reduces the likelihood of both false positives and negatives.

5. Privacy

HeartGenetics ensures the privacy of all personal information and test results in accordance with the National Committee for Data Protection (N.Âș 8398/2013). Your medical doctor is the only person to know the test results by using our proprietary software “HEARTDECODE¼”.