HeartGenetics, Genetics and Biotechnology S.A. is a company developing activity in genetics and computational biology that developed a revolutionary methodology that includes:

  • a DNA based microchip platform optimized for genetic testing using iPLEX® MassArray®; and
  • a set of efficient, scalable and sophisticated algorithms for processing and integrating heterogeneous data ranging from genetics, clinical, pharmacogenetics, medical guidelines, and health and wellness data.
  • The implementation of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 supports the internal organization and control of key processes and support methodologies allowing quality service delivery, supporting the “Business-to-Consumer (service)” business model.

    Guiding principles

    Bellow are the key guiding principles of the HeartGenetics’ Integrated Management System (IMS), supporting the Organization mission and define the overall quality and innovation policy:

  • Quality 
  • to promote and encourage the continuous improvement, maintaining the high-level quality of our services, in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

  • Innovation 
  • to promote innovation as one of the main venues products improvement, business development and promotion of personalized medicine.

  • Truth 
  • to establish with customers and suppliers a relationship of mutual trust.

  • Commitment 
  • to promote the development, the creativity and innovation while ensuring that everyone should know and take part in the company’s objectives having the right to know the reasons for the tasks they carry out and the duty to ask why they are performing these same tasks.

  • Development and growth 
  • to ensure sustainable and sustainable growth in order to present a strong financial growth while simultaneously responding to market needs and customer satisfaction. Additionally, to enable the investment in research projects with national and international research centres, assuming a pedagogical role in the society.