HeartGenetics’ quality policy aims for the continuous improvement of the Organization’s global performance. In this sense, it must allow the Organization to intervene in a relevant way in the genetics, computational biology, and digital health market, investigating and developing new solutions that anticipate the eventual needs and expectations of its customers.

The quality policy can be summarized by the following actions:
1. Effective implementation and maintenance of the Integrated Management System (IMS);
2. Continuous improvement of the company’s processes and global performance, always following good professional practices;
3. Increase in the provision of products and services;
4. Making the teams profitable with a view to shortening response times without ever neglecting the quality of the service;
5. Increase satisfaction of customer needs and requirements, as well as the expectations of its collaborators and interested parties;
6. Culture of innovation in the development of products and services, always meeting market needs and customer expectations.

The implementation of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 supports the internal organization and control of key processes and support methodologies allowing quality service delivery, supporting the “Business-to-Consumer (service)” business model.

Guiding principles

Below are the key guiding principles of the HeartGenetics’ IMS, supporting the Organization’s mission and defining the overall quality and innovation policy:

  • Quality 
  • to promote and encourage continuous improvement, ensuring high levels of quality in services and products, with a view to exceeding the expectations of customers and stakeholders; 

  • Innovation 
  • to promote innovation as one of the main ways to improve services and products, as well as to provide a personalized medicine service;

  • Truth 
  • to establish a relationship of mutual trust with customers and interested parties;

  • Involvement 
  • to promote development, creativity, and innovation with the imperative that everyone must know and take part in the Organization’s strategic and operational objectives. This involvement is particularly important in promoting the continuous improvement of the IMS, namely with regard to laboratory activities, with the active participation of all collaborators being encouraged in the definition of new ideas/suggestions/improvements;

  • Growth 
  • to ensure sustained and sustainable growth in order to present good financial health and simultaneously respond to market needs, and customer satisfaction and also allow investment in research projects with national and international universities, assuming a pedagogical role in the civil community.