DNA test for a personalised strategy to manage vitamin D needs
Genetic study of vitamin D metabolism


Although vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure and diet, vitamin D deficiency is very common and is considered a risk factor for several chronic diseases, such as arterial hypertension. Vitamin D plays an important role in the skeletal system, immunity and fertility. In particular, vitamin D is associated with:

Maintain adequate bone mineral density

Protection against infections

A regulatory effect in fertility

The MyVitDGenes® test studies the genetic predisposition to vitamin D deficiency and also genetic variants that influence the function of its receptor in cells, which is essential for vitamin D action. In individuals with greater genetic susceptibility it becomes particularly relevant:

  • carry out biochemical quantification more frequently,
  • increase sun exposure (responsible),
  • ensure adequate intake of good dietary sources of vitamin D, and/or
  • taking supplementation when necessary.

The MyVitDGenes® test report provides actionable and personalised recommendations to minimise the risk of vitamin D deficiency and its consequent negative effects.

Detailed information

Vitamin D levels have been robustly and consistently shown to be influenced by genetic variation. The MyVitDGenes® test studies genes involved in the various phases of vitamin D metabolism: synthesis, transport, activation and excretion.

Synthesis through sunlight exposure

Transport in the bloodstream

Activation in the liver

Excretion through kidneys

The test also studies genetic variants of the vitamin D receptor, which negatively impact the action of vitamin D, making it less effective in its functions at a cellular level.


MyVitDGenes® test has been developed to be a support tool for health professionals in the field of nutrition. As such, its realisation implies an interpretation and explanation by a health professional, who will develop a strategy based on this information. Contact us to know our network of partners.

Turnaround time

10 working days