DNA test for a personalised nutritional plan
Genetic study for nutrition and wellness traits


A proper diet plan should ensure the necessary intake of nutrients that are essential for good health and healthy weight management. In addition to diet, other factors such as sleep and exercise have a decisive influence on health and weight management. The use of genetic information is relevant because different people respond differently to the same strategy.

MyNutriGenes® is making genetic data more actionable and simple to use, with an impact on daily lives.The MyNutriGenes® test studies the impact of each person’s unique genetic make-up in defining a personalised strategy for healthy weight management and metabolism. This test simplifies the use of genetic data, with an impact on daily life.

In particular, the test studies the impact of genetics on::

  • Body composition and metabolism;
  • Weight management;
  • Response to nutrient intake;
  • Lactose and gluten intolerance;
  • Response to physical exercise and sleep.

Through this information, the health professional can develop a more adjusted dietary and behavioural strategy.

What our clients say about us

“The partnership with HeartGenetics is instrumental to transform genetic data in an effective and actionable tool in the nutrition space. With this new tool, we are able to develop a more personalised and efficient nutritional approach. The HeartGenetics’ team is very motivated, pro-active and easy to work with.”

Mónica Sousa
Nutricionista at NutriBalance.

“Amazing! I have lost 3Kg in one month after following the report action plan!! After failing many diets in the past.”

Prof. Lucymara Lima
Professor at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Detailed information

The MyNutriGenes® test analyses 102 genetic markers (from 75 genes) with relevance in a high number of parameters, grouped into 3 main areas of impact: body, diet and behaviour.


MyNutriGenes® test has been developed to be a support tool for health professionals in the field of nutrition. As such, its realisation implies an interpretation and explanation by a health professional, who will develop a strategy based on that information. Contact us to know our network of partners.

Turnaround time

10 working days