DNA test for a personalised nutritional plan
Genetic study for nutrition and wellness traits

Are you eating right? Ask your genes.

There are so many diets available, it gets difficult to choose which one to follow. This quest is also easily related to the ā€˜trial and errorā€™ weight loss experience along a lifetime, always having trouble in maintaining the reached weight.

Nutrigenetics is a science that researches on the association between genes and each individualā€™s response to nutrient intake. The use of information on genetic predisposition to establish a nutritional plan should be integrated with information on:

  • physical characteristics (e.g. age, gender, muscle mass index)
  • behavioural information (e.g. eating habits, physical activity, sleeping habits)

Recent scientific studies reinforce the importance of the integration of the genetic information with each individualā€™s physical characteristics information and behavioural information to establish a more:

  • Efficient weight management plan
  • Sustainable and healthy weight, avoiding weight regain
  • Personalised nutritional plan

MyNutriGenesĀ® is a 99% accurate and actionable genetic test from HeartGenetics that informs about how our unique genetic makeup impacts the definition of a personalised diet and a healthy weight management. MyNutriGenesĀ® is making genetic data more actionable and simple to use, with an impact on daily lives.

The MyNutriGenesĀ® report:

  • Delivers actionable and personalised recommendations with great impact on the weight loss and long-term results.
  • Avoids unnecessary and non-tailored nutritional restrictions by supporting the adoption of nutritional plans and hence improving weight loss metabolism.
  • Enables nutritional action plans for proactive behaviour decisions that take advantage of each individualā€™s nutritional metabolism features for long-lasting results.
  • Provides a recommended food list, approved by nutritionists, available online through a web app for multiple devices.
  • Simplifies genetic information to be used by healthcare professionals without being genetic experts.

What our clients say about us

“The partnership with HeartGenetics is instrumental to transform genetic data in an effective and actionable tool in the nutrition space. With this new tool, we are able to develop a more personalised and efficient nutritional approach. The HeartGeneticsā€™ team is very motivated, pro-active and easy to work with.”

MĆ³nica Sousa
Nutricionista at NutriBalance.

“Amazing! I have lost 3Kg in one month after following the report action plan!! After failing many diets in the past.”

Prof. Lucymara Lima
Professor at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Detailed information

MyNutriGenesĀ® is a state-of-the-art and up-to-date genetic test that analyses 102 genetic variants, present in 75 genes, with a significant impact on the planning of personalised nutritional plans in 3 main impact areas:

MyNutriGenesĀ® Panel

MyNutriGenesĀ® makes use of the most recent and rigorous scientific studies that allows nutritionists to have unique insights into each personā€™s metabolism. The DNA, extracted from a saliva sample, is analysed in order to evaluate 102 genetic variants from 75 genes. These genes are specifically associated with nutrition and weight management.

Turnaround time

10 working days

Scientific studies

The associations identified between the genetic variants under study and the bodyā€™s response to food intake are corroborated by reliable international scientific studies [1-5]. The scientific knowledge presented in the reports resulted from the evaluation of more than 400 scientific studies, including meta-analyses of cohorts with 3.000 to 30.000 participants [6-8]. Only peer reviewed scientific publications presenting statistically significant genotype-phenotype correlations have been considered [9-12].

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