DNA test to improve sports performance
Genetic study of sports performance and nutrition


It is undeniable that there is a growing interest in the practice of physical activity and sports, whether to participate in sports competitions, to improve general health or for appearance. However, lack of progress, physical fitness goals not achieved or injuries are recurring problems that eventually lead to the abandonment of the practice of sports.

Scientific studies reinforce the importance of the genetic component in athletic potential. It is estimated that genetics influence sports performance by about 70%. The use of genetic information is relevant because different people respond to the same training plan in different ways.

The MyFitnessGenes® test informs about the impact of each individual’s unique genetic profile in defining a more personalised training and nutrition plan to optimise athletic performance.

This test allows you to identify:

  • The types of exercise with the greatest potential;
  • Predisposition to injury;
  • Provides information on the most appropriate activities, intensity and training regime;
  • Muscle recovery capacity, to manage training times;
  • The most appropriate nutritional plan to enhance sports performance.

Detailed information

The MyFitnessGenes® test analyses 82 genetic variants of 70 genes, with a significant impact in 3 areas: athletic performance, injury and recovery and sports nutrition.



MyFitnessGenes® test has been developed to be a support tool for health professionals in the field of nutrition. As such, its realisation implies an interpretation and explanation by a health professional, who will develop a strategy based on this information. Contact us to know our network of partners.

Turnaround time

10 working days