HeartGenetics launches new test in Oncology – OncoAlvo®

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Genetic Services

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CE-IVD Products

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HEARTGENETICS is a biotech and data-driven company developing new certified CE-IVD medical devices (AI tools and genetic testing kits) that make genetic testing simple, actionable and cost-effective, with application to nutrition, cardiovascular and pharmacogenetics.

 The efficiency of our solutions is measured by

icon-check-trombogenethe ability to democratize the use of genetic testing by reducing laboratory costs;  

the ability to engage healthcare professionals to prescribe a genetic test that will provide informative and actionable results;

icon-check-trombogenethe accuracy of the genetic tests developed;

icon-check-trombogenethe quality and reproducibility of the genetic reports;

icon-check-trombogenethe simplicity of the overall process.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified company using an award-winning methodology to provide high quality genetic tests, tailored to each person.

HeartGenetics is dedicated to improve people’s health, one at a time.


Our genes define a big part of what we are

Genetics is an important evidence-based tool for an integrated diagnostic and for its predictive power

Acquire more timely and efficient medical actions

  • Tailored treatments
  • Informative and simple
  • Predictive and preventive
  • Actionable
  • Reliable

*Only medical doctors can request a genetic test