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A Genetic Reporting Software

REF: 5053

Fully Optimised and integrated with the iPLEX® MassARRAY® system, from logo-agena

Get real-time and easy-to-read genetic reports with HEARTDECODE® Genetic Reporting Software from HeartGenetics.

HEARTDECODE® is a CE-IVD medical device that uses machine learning algorithms to generate automated clinically actionable reports for HeartGenetics’ genetic testing kits.

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A powerful genetic reporting tool | Accurate | Hands-free

  • For genetic diagnosis use
  • Fully automated report generation
  • Updated clinically actionable information
  • Accurate and rigorous
  • Customisable for each lab
  • Appealing layouts
  • Multi-language



  • The HEARTDECODE® System comprises the HEARTDECODE® application running on a mini-PC.
  • The system is network ready and can be accessed via a web browser.
  • The system’s drive is fully encrypted with state-of-the art technology.


The HeartDecode® web application,  deployed on a system running an open-source Linux distribution, allows the user to interact with the HEARTDECODE® system, providing the essential functionality such as accessing the generated reports.

HEARTDECODE® System is optimised of the following genetic testing kits from HeartGenetics:

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