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DNACoach Program


A comprehensive and personalized program that offers you scientifically sound knowledge on how your genetic characteristics can be used to improve your nutritional and physical exercise routines.


The DNACoach program includes two appointments with a healthcare professional, as well as the realization of the MyNutriGenes® and/or MyFitnessGenes® genetic tests.

HeartGenetics' team, internationally recognized in the areas of human genetics, nutrition, physical exercise, and bioinformatics, is committed to keeping you healthier.

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The DNACoach program includes two appointments with a healthcare professional.

At the 1st appointment you will:

  • Receive an explanation of the genetic tests that will be performed;
  • Have the opportunity to join the program;
  • Sign an informed consent and an authorization form for genetic testing;
  • Get a saliva kit for sample collection.


Schedule your first appointment:
Schedule your informative appointment

At the 2nd appointment, you will:

  • Receive a detailed explanation of the genetic tests results;
  • Get a document with nutritional and/or exercise recommendations supported by the genetic tests acquired;


All appointments are held at out Lisbon Office. Our contact details are below:

HeartGenetics, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto nº2, 1600-078 Lisboa

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