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DNACoach MyNutriGenes®

Are you eating well? Ask your genes.

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A comprehensive and personalized program that offers you scientifically sound knowledge on how your genetic characteristics can be used to improve your nutritional routine.


The DNACoach MyNutriGenes® program includes two appointments with a healthcare professional, as well as the realization of one genetic test: the MyNutriGenes® genetic test.

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HeartGenetics' team, internationally recognized in the areas of human genetics, nutrition, physical exercise, and bioinformatics, is committed to keeping you healthier.


  • This genetic test analyses 53 genes (79 genetic variants) that informs about how your unique genetic makeup impacts the definition of a personalized diet and healthy body management program.
  • This genetic test is 99% accurate and only needs to be performed once in a lifetime.

This nutrigenetics test, supported by highly validated scientific evidence, has been specially designed to be used by healthcare professionals in the wellness space.

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The DNACoach MyNutriGenes® program main objective is to help individuals to better understand their genetic characteristics that are very relevant to define a personalized nutritional plan.

At the consultation with a healthcare professional, the program participant will receive the following documents:

* The MyNutriGenes® genetic test report;

* A document with nutritional recommendations supported by the MyNutriGenes® genetic test results;

Recent scientific studies reinforce the importance of the integrating genetic information with information on the physical characteristics of each individual(e.g. age, gender, muscle mass index, etc.), as well as behavioral information (e.g. eating habits, physical activity, etc.), to establish a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


The DNACoach MyNutriGenes® program does not intend to be a nutritional counseling program, where the participant receives from a nutritionist a detailed nutritional plan.

The genetic test results cannot be used for clinical diagnosis, for disease prevention, nor for the identification of a clinical condition.

The genetic test result does not depend on the physical, nor on the clinical condition, nor on the therapeutic management of the individual tested.

The DNACoach MyNutriGenes program includes two appointments with a healthcare professional.

At the 1st appointment you will:

  • Receive an explanation of the genetic test that will be performed;
  • Have the opportunity to join the program;
  • Sign an informed consent and authorization form for genetic testing;
  • Get a saliva kit for sample collection.


The 1st appointment is an informative.
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At the 2nd appointment, you will:

  • Receive a detailed explanation of the genetic test results;
  • Get a document with nutritional recommendations supported by the MyNutriGenes® genetic test results;

The first appointment takes place in Lisbon at the following address:

HeartGenetics, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto nº2, 1600-078 Lisboa

The second appointment can take place at the Lisbon Office or can take place remotely using a Telemedicine platform.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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