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Adding Knowledge Service

Transform your data into knowledge

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A comprehensive bioinformatics service that offers you scientifically sound knowledge on how your genetic characteristics can be used to improve your nutritional and physical exercise routines.
If you already performed an ancestry genetic test, bring your data here to extract more knowledge.

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This is the information we can provide if your raw data file has enough data. Validate your data with this service.

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HeartGenetics' team, internationally recognized in the areas of computational biology, human genetics, nutrition, and physical exercise is committed to helping you understand your genetic characteristics, in the field of wellness genetics.

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To use this service, follow the steps:

  • Register as a client
  • Login after credentials validation. Please check your email for the validation.
  • Go to the product page
  • At your account menu (upper right): CHECKOUT
  • Upload your genetic data for validation. No need to include additional data to validate the accuracy of your raw data. If you receive this message “Your file was successfully validated (at least 85% of the overall genetic variants are present for both reports and 100% of the genetic variants in the areas of lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance are present for the nutrition report).”, you can CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT
  • Fill in your data and sign the informed consent
  • Congratulations, you will receive your reports at MY REPORTS tab in your client account

The Adding Knowledge© service is not a service to perform a genetic test and HeartGenetics will not be considered as a genetics laboratory performing a genetic test for the client, in connection with this service.

In this service, HeartGenetics will process and analyse the client de-identified genetic and self-reported information for wellness purposes only.

The Adding Knowledge© service is accepted when the client uploads a digital version of the genetic information and interact with HeartGenetics through the company Website at

The Adding Knowledge© algorithms will look at the genetic information to determine genetic predispositions to a number of body characteristics that are relevant to define healthy lifestyle plans. The client can find detailed information on the genetic information that will be used to deliver the service in the following links:



The Adding Knowledge© service relies on the genotype sequence contained in the genetic information that the client provides to us in the format and media available without further association with the client name or other personal identification.

When the client submits the genetic information to the service, our algorithms will tag it with an anonymous tag and will redirect it in an encrypted data flow into our reporting/analytics system. The reporting associated with the genetic Information will be made available to the client only in a digital format at the client’s account.

HeartGenetics does not store the original genetic information that is provided and will not be able to retrieve the client genetic information from our database, as the same is completely anonymized as from the first moment that the client remits it to the Service.

If the client decides to repeat the Service in the future or if the client decides to purchase other services from HeartGenetics based on the same genetic information, the client will need to resend the genetic information again.

The Adding Knowledge© Service is not intended to be interpreted as Medical, Healthcare, Fitness or Nutritional Advice

The client acknowledges and agrees that the Adding Knowledge© Service is provided to “AS-IS” and based on the current state of the art of genetic research and technology available to HeartGenetics at the time of Service delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact us:


  • If you have performed a genetic test with 23andMe you can access your raw genetic data within your 23andMe account.

Please follow this link for more information: LINK

    • If you have performed a genetic test with AncestryDNA you can access your raw genetic data within your AncestryDNA account.

Please follow this link for more information: LINK

If you have any questions, please contact us: