UÁLIA is the most recent HeartGenetics partner
UÁLIA is the most recent HeartGenetics partner
Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, UÁLIA, with headquarters in Coimbra, Portugal, is the most recent HeartGenetics partner. The UÁLIA Laboratory, founded in 1983, is a reference of quality in the area of Clinical Analysis and molecular diagnostic, having enormous prestige among physicians. It has a central laboratory and a network of collection stations in constant development, which is currently spread over four Portugal districts: Coimbra, Leiria, Viseu and Aveiro.
UÁLIA operations are under high quality standards and rigorous internal quality control systems. The UÁLIA’s laboratories are also enrolled in external quality assessment programs.
The UÁLIA Laboratories develop several services, having a highly skilled team of medical doctors, which includes:
  • Dr. João Mariano, Clinical Pathologist
  • Dr. Rui Bártolo, Clinical Pathologist
  • Dr. Maria Alexandre Mendes, Clinical Analysis Specialist
For additional information please visit Uália official website at and our PARTNERS section.
Laboratório Uália
Edifício Cruzeiro, 2ºAndar, Salas 16 e 17,
Cruz de Celas –
3000-132 Coimbra



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