Wellness Workflow

  • Order a Test

    Order a Test

    Only a medical doctor, working together with a nutritionist or a personal trainer, can request the test and fill out the form

  • Genetic analysis

    Genetic analysis

    Send, by mail, the biological sample (a buccal swab) and the signed test requisition form to the HeartGenetics labs

  • Genetic test report

    Genetic test report

    Results are delivered to the healthcare professional that requested the test, using the HeartGenetics’s web-based client platform

Legal requirements

  • In many countries, any healthcare professional, including a nutritionist or a personal trainer, can order this type of genetic test.
  • In the EU, different countries apply different regulations to lifestyle genetics, which are not used for diagnostics.
  • The person that will perform the genetic test must sign an informed consent form.

    Results are delivered in 10 days


    Sample conditions

  • Saliva: Isohelix Saliva Collectors Kit or Oragene DNA Collection kit, Genotek; DNA / RNA Shield ™ Collection Tube with Swab, Zymo
  • Blood: 2mL in K2EDTA or K3EDTA tubes
  • DNA: DNA minimum 30 µl with a [35-250] ng/µl

    Shipping conditions

  • Send samples at room temperature in a padded envelope. Ship immediately so HeartGenetics can receive it within 72 hours after collection.
  • For more details click here: Español | English | Português (BR)
  • Please contact us for more information if your sample conditions are not included.