What people have been saying about us

Dr. Roberto Palma dos Reis

Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Faculty of Medical Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

"Our scientific research shows that the risk of Arterial Hypertension increases with the presence of genetic polymorphisms in one or more mechanisms. (...) I congratulate HeartGenetics for the development of a test that enables the simultaneous evaluation of several metabolic axis associated with arterial hypertension."

Drª. Maria Isabel Mendonça

Cardiologist, Department of Cardiology, Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonca, Madeira, Portugal

"Personalized medicine will have a growing role and importance in the healthcare and Arterial Hypertension."

Prof. Manuel Bicho

Professor at Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon, Portugal

"This genetic test should be seen as a tool for the correct decision making about diagnosis, non-pharmacological and personalized drug therapies of the sodium sensitivity in Arterial Hypertension and related situations."