Pharmacogenetic Testing

Study of genetic variability that causes individual responses to medications

Patient’s genetic profile can inform about safety drug administration! 

Pharmacogenetics Tests at HeartGenetics

By analysing the genes that produce the specific products that metabolize a medication, a medical doctor may decide to raise or lower the dose or even change to a different drug.

A person’s response to a particular medication is influenced not only by their gender, age, lifestyle and health, but also by their genetic profile.

Our Pharmacogenetics tests

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Pharmacogenetics allows medical doctors to adapt and personalize therapies to each patient in order to achieve maximum benefits and minimum side-effects.

HeartGenetics at the forefront of personalized medicine!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 14.51.10All our tests are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and are performed under the rules of the Clinical Pharmacogentics Implementation Consortium.

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing 

familycare-icon-2     familycare-icon-1

icon-check-cardiogene Prescription of tailored dose according to each individual genetic profile.

icon-check-cardiogene Avoiding drug induced side-effects.

icon-check-cardiogene Definition of the optimal dose therapy or recommendation of an alternative medication.

Pharmacogenetics tests are indicated for: 

– Individuals who do not have the desired effect from a medication.

– Individuals who have familial history of side-effects from a given medication.

– Prescription of personalized medication dosage before starting therapeutic measure.

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Genes Tested





Number of variants




Haplotypes detected





It is important to keep in mind that pharmacogenetic testing does not replace or remove the need for clinical and biochemical monitorization.

How are HeartGenetics Pharmacogenetics Reports?

  • Targeted. Our methodology directly targets the presence or absence of FDA approved genetic variants, that can influence drug response.
  • Rigorous. In technology: Our tests have 99% accuracy. In Knowledge: All evidences are supported by updated scientific knowledge.
  • Simple. All results include supporting information for each genetic variant including scientific references to guide the interpretation of test results.

HeartGenetics reports follow the recommendations from the European Society of Human Genetics.

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