Comprehensive set of genetic tests for the
evaluation of the cardiovascular disease risk

One genetic test, tests all.

HeartCare combines:

+ SportGene

+ TromboGene/FamilyCare

+ DNArterial 

+ LipoGene


Some Key Facts

  1. Cardiovascular diseases can have multiple genetic or environmental causes
  2. Some pathologies have 50% chance of being transmitted
  3. Genetic testing is not restricted to the subjects being tested but also to their families.



Now it is possible to comprehensively study the genetic causes of all major cardiovascular diseases in one test

Prevention is the key to avoid major health complications!


 HeartCaree Genetic Test
includes all HeartGenetics’s tests for all major cardiovascular diseases:

icon-check-heartcare Arterial Hypertension – DNArterial

icon-check-heartcare Familial hypercholesterolemia – LipoGene

icon-check-heartcare Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy – SportGene

icon-check-heartcare Hereditary Thrombophilia – FamilyCare / TromboGene


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3 Reasons to do HeartCare in Clinical Practice

1. All in One

This product provides a comprehensive screening of all HeartGenetics’ tests for cardiovascular genetic risk assessment.

2. Preventive

The identification of a pre-disease state in individuals with family history of some of these diseases will allow the adoption preventive lifestyle changes and/or therapies.

3. Actionable

Combines the convenience of all tests in one for a complete genetic disease  diagnostic.


flow-2HeartCare only requires a blood sample.

It’s simple, safe and, most importantly, informative.

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A complete Genetic Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

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