Risk evaluation of
cardiovascular pathology

A genetic test with specialized medical appointments included.

Do you…

  • have cerebro-cardiovascular diseases?
  • have family history of cardiovascular diseases
  • have professional stress?
  • do long-distance travels frequently?

Your medical doctor / medical geneticist can indicate CardioGene  for you!

According to the World Health Organization:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide.
  2. 9-10 % menos 45 anos – acrescentar IMG.
  3. It is possible to  prevent or delay cardiovascular diseases by adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  4. A healthy lifestyle should be part of a lifelong approach to healthy living.
  5. Taking action to control your risk factors by following a healthy lifestyle and when necessary by  the use of preventive therapies
  6. 1 out of 10 individuals can have hereditary thrombophilia.
  7. Hereditary thrombophilia or the increased tendency to develop blood clots,  can  be transmitted to your sibyls.


Prevention is the key to avoid major health complications!

Set of medical appointments and cardiovascular exams, including a genetic test for thrombophilia.

Opportunity: 40% less than the sum of individual price

CardioGene Includes:

Medical Specialist appointments from Instituto do Coração

  • Prof. Dr. Seabra Gomes (Cardiologist)
  • Drª Isabel Gaspar (Medical geneticist)

A collaboration with Instituto coração

Cardiovascular exams

  • Genetic test for thrombophilia
  • Blood test
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Cardiac stress test (treadmill test)

CardioGene was developed for personalized cardiovascular disease prevention.

It is better to know your risk early, than not knowing it.

Take simple actions to live a healthy life.

Cardio-cerebro vascular diseases and Thrombophilia

Certain individuals may have an abnormal predisposition to venous or arterial thrombosis and either experience thromboembolic events relatively early in life or suffer recurring events.

The International Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis defined thrombophilia as an unusual tendency toward thrombosis.

Frequently features include (1) early age of onset; (2) recurrent episodes; (3) family history; (4) circulatory problems and (5) severity outcomes

Why to perform a genetic test for thrombophilia?

People with or hereditary thrombophilia are at higher risk of developing blood clots due to genetic alterations in proteins involved in the blood homeostasis.  The genetic alteration results in higher predisposition of spontaneous blood clot.

These clots can cause the obstruction of veins or arteries and lead to pulmonary embolism, stroke, thrombophlebitis or acute myocardial infarction.

Learn more about the genetic test for Hereditary Thrombophilia (HT) in TromboGene’s Page

5 Benefits of CARDIOGENE

  1. Convenient. To make your life easier, all the exams and medical appointments are scheduled on the same day.
  2. Premium. Set of clinical exams and medical appointments with renowned medical specialists from Instituto do Coração.
  3. Complete. Integrative and personalized cardiovascular screening, including a complete genetic test
  4. Preventive. The identification of the predispotion to cardio-cerebro vascular disease which will allow you to adopt preventive lifestyle changes and/or therapies.
  5. Extensive. The genetic test allows knowing your risk for hereditary thrombophilia and also predicting the risk for your family.


Adopt preventive therapies or small lifestyle changes to protect you against the occurrence of thromboembolic events.

Do all exams in the same day.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide.

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is a new diagnostic tool especially developed for a personalized cardio-cerebro vascular disease prevention of your collaborators

CardioGene diagnostic prevents before health problems develop. 

Why is it important to do CardioGene in your company?

  • Sedentarism, Smoking, Obesity, stressful work contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases
  • CardioGene is focused on the diagnosis of cardio-cerebral risk diseases
  • Collaborators can prevent the development of cardiovascular pathologies, staying healthy and productive

NOTA: [3º quadro – acrescentar: lyfestyle changes and… não poria a palavra productive pq corremos o risco de dizerem que a genética está a influenciar o emprego. Sei que fazemos outros testes mas com este novo DL tenho receio.]

CardioGene is a premium product that results from a partnership between two Specialized Entities (?) in cardiovascular diseases:

Instituto do Coração and HeartGenetics

The preventive feature of CARDIOGENE allows avoiding future unexpected medical expenses.

What are the benefits for your company?

Genetic testing is a once in a lifetime exam. 

By offering CARDIOGENE to your collaborators you would benefit:

  • Complete  cardiovascular health screening at a very competitive price.
  • Collaborators recognition of their importance to the company
  • Prevent collaborators from unexpected medical leave.
  • Everything is done in half-day.
  • Complements salary bonus

CardioGene has an attractive price that is marked 40% less that current market value for all exams and medical appointments.



The company shares the link sent by HeartGenetics with its collaborators

– Enrollment


The blood or saliva is collected at your company(*) or at any time at Instituto do Coração.

– Biochemical analysis

– Genetic test(s)


All exams and medical appointments are schedulled on the same day at Instituto do Coração.


– Treatdmill test

– Medical appointments (medical genetics and cardiology)

(*) Free sample collection for minimal groups of 20. Adds XX€ to the CardioGene price for smaller groups.

Additional Information

  • HeartGenetics gives to each collaborator a guide with practical and ethical information about the genetic tests available.
  • During blood collection, the collaborator signs an informed consent for genetic testing.
  • If the collaborator has performed an ECG and/or a Cardiac Stress Test in a period of less than three months these tests could not be repeated.
  • A final report is sent to the collaborator within 2 weeks after clinical and laboratorial evaluation.

The result(s) of the genetic test(s) is (are) communicated to the collaborator by the medical geneticist during the medical appointment.

CardioGene only includes genetic test for hereditary thrombophilia

Find out the genetic tests available at HeartGenetics:





Don’t let your questions about CardioGene go unanswered! Contact us today.